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a pretty neat flowchart illustration that shows how to apply the concepts of the GPS to sound genealogical research. Cai (Elementary School Teacher) offers this tool in order to help genealogy research. and Allison, both new young researchers offer these tools for our readers Research Strategiesindicated by James Cali Genealogy Research Strategies indicated by James Cali DNA Tests & 5 Different Results | In Search of the Most Accurate DNA Test DNA claims to have the first truly international test kit, attributing your DNA ancestry to over 80 distinct global regions. Unlike other modern ancestry tests that may only provide an indication of where you’re from, Living DNA is specific enough to differentiate from 21 different regions of the British Isles. & Ancestry Guide – Finding Your Family History to get started with genealogy guide will explore how to get started with genealogy and examine some of the best resources available for researching and documenting family history. If you’re considering this pastime, you may find that it’s just the sort of personally rewarding experience you’re searching for.