(Courtesy: Jeff Spiegel )

A story is told about Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev who on the non-Jewish
new year came out of his study and wished everyone a good year and to be
inscribed in the book of happiness and health.

When asked his reason he responded that it was only on the non-Jewish new
year that the good decree written on Yom Kippur was signed, because Hashem
saw how the Jews studied on that day and had spent their own New Year in prayer
and reflection, while the non-Jews were drinking and involved in corruption.
This was brought before the heavenly tribunal by a defender angel silencing
the satan.

There are many such stories told of Hasidic masters who were privileged to
ascend on high to witness the spiritual battles in heaven in correspondence
to the physical battles in our world.

The Shabbas Zachor reminds us of how Moshe held his hands up
and the Jews were victorious while Joshua led the battle below. Moshe waged
the battle in the heavens while Joshua in the physical world.