After Kiev, we went on to Berditchev, where Rabbi Levi Yitzchok, also known as the Berditchever Rebbe is interred. The Berditchever was one of the main disciples of the Mezeritcher Magid.  Known for his compassion for every Jew, he is often referred to as the “defense attorney” for the Jewish people, because he would often intercede on their behalf before G-d. For example, one day he saw a man davening in his talis and tefillin, while he was changing the wheel on his cart.  Rabbi Levi Yitzchok spoke to G-d saying “Look how good your people are, Hashem; even when this man is working, he’s davening to you!” 

We arrived in Berditchev in the evening and quickly picked up the person who takes care of the ohel, so we could pray there while there was still light.  R’ Levi Yitzchok’s grave is located in the middle of a huge cemetery, which is totally overrun by enormous weeds.  It isn’t far from the railroad, and Jews escaping from persecution would try to stop to pray there.  We ate our supper, which we had brought with us, at the center of Rabbi Breyer, a Skverer chossid who is a mohel, and performs many brissim in Berditchev.  After much time spent in the van and in cemetaries, the group was really glad to be able to shower there.  We greatly enjoyed Rabbi Breyer’s hospitality, then got underway on our trip again.