(Courtesy Chabad Info – 2 Tamuz 5770 / 14.06.2010)In Barditchev, Feivish Mendelowitz, a Satmar business man, built a new Mikva for the many visitors who come to the grave site of Reb Levi Yitzchok Barditchever. 

He built in Barditchev a Wall Enclosed Campus on about 2-3 acres. It is used as a place to stay for all the groups who come to  Barditchev and other nearby cities like Mezibush etc.  It is a beautiful building with small apartments and kitchenettes. He also built a shul, and a massive dining room with meaty and dairy kitchens for all the visitors.

In addition he has a summer camp for teenage bochurim at this location. During the year, many Rebbes stay there during their visits to Poland.

He is now building 2 separate Mikvas for men and women. The men’s Mikva has a very large dressing room and 12 showers.

The women’s Mikva is not yet fully decorated it will be finished soon) with a large preparation room with a bathtub and separate Shower.

To make this Mikva acceptable to everyone, he brought in Rabbi Elozor Raichik to build a ‘bor al gabai bor’ in addition to the other boiros. He did this so everyone will be comfortable using the Mikva regardless of their minhag. He also has A Otzer Mei Geshomim to facilitate the changing the rain water annually or even twice yearly, something which is rarely done.

Rabbi Yirmi Katz and Rabbi Elozor Raichik traveled to Barditichev to set up the system for collecting the rain water.  They  inspected  the whole place, roof, pipes leading from roof, Hamshochos, climbed into all boiros, and locked the place up. Now it Just got to rain and fill up. This is a follow-up to their trip for the pouring of the cement.