‘ Levi Yitzchak was once visiting the supernal realms. While there, the Satan mounted a massive assault against the Jewish people. He and his helpers brought in box after box, filled with the sins of the Jewish people. Realizing that something must be done, Reb Levi, very quietly took the boxes and destroyed them. The Satan was incensed and demanded that Levi Yitzchak return his possessions. Reb Levi, of course could not. The Satan dragged Reb Levi before the Heavenly tribunal, accusing him of robbery.

After much deliberation, the verdict was handed down, guilty. A convicted thief must return double the worth of the stolen item or be sold into slavery. Reb Levi had no choice. He was put up for auction to the highest bidder. On one side the souls of the Patriarchs bid for this precious tzaddik. On the other side, Satan and his accusers were delighted at the prospect of finally ridding themselves of their arch nemesis. The bidding was fast and furious. It looked bad for Levi Yitzchak, as Satan was gaining the upper hand.

Finally, the Almighty himself entered a bid. Even the Satan knows not to bid against God. Having won the auction, the Almighty remarked, “Now Reb Levi Yitzchak will be my servant-slave, exclusively.”