(Courtesy Doug Lipman)

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak walked down the main street of Berdichev, greeting all who passed him. To some he gave compliments; to some he offered blessings; of some he asked questions, then stopped to listen to their answers.

As the rabbi slowly made his way through the stream of people, one of his congregants strode through the crowd, elbows pumping with determination. Passing Levi Yitzhak, he murmured, “Sholom Aleichem, Rabbi.”
Suddenly, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak shouted at him, “Stop! Where are you going?”

The man turned to face his rebbe. “I am pursuing my living, Rabbi,” he growled. “Please let me continue.”
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak smiled. “How do you know,” he said, “that your living is not behind you, trying to catch up?”