“Establish your throne with kindness, and you shall sit on it in truth” [Rosh Hashanah prayer]. Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev explained this with his own unique approach. Master of the Universe, if you want to truly sit on your throne, without uncertainty and without any disturbances, here is my advice: “Establish your throne with kindness!” If you act towards your children with kindness and mercy, the righteous people will not bother you, and you will sit on the throne in truth. However, if – G-d forbid – you do not act with kindness, we will turn to you with increasing prayers and cries, and you will not be able to sit peacefully on your throne.

The words of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak emphasize the powerful link between royal authority and kindness. The only justification for establishing a government is in order to do good and have mercy on the subjects, who have agreed to abide by the laws of the government. Therefore the reward of those who are kind to others is royalty. Ruth became known as the royal mother because by her actions she caused a book to be written that describes the reward given to those who are kind to others