Here’s an inspiring story about Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev, the 18th century Chassidic leader. He was known as “the defense attorney of the Jewish people,” because he constantly beseeched God to deal kindly with His people.

One year, Rosh Hashana fell out on Shabbat, and Rabbi Levi Yitzhak went to the front of the synagogue to lead the congregation in prayer.

Before beginning, he looked heavenward and said: “God, today is Shabbat. You taught us in Your holy Torah that Shabbat may only be broken in order to save a life.

I demand that you keep the laws which You gave us. Since writing is a prohibited act on Shabbat, You have no right to record anybody in the Book of Death.

You may only break Shabbat to record all of mankind in the Book of Life!”