Courtesy: Dr. Aryeh Cohen)

The Hassidic Master Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev teaches that Amalek is those who prey on the weakest amongst us as the original Amalekites attacked the stragglers and the weakest Israelites as they were leaving Egypt. Reb Levi Yitzhak further teaches that the sworn battle with Amalek is not over but is present in every generation, and that it is partly a struggle with ourselves.

Amalek attacked Israel as they were leaving Refidim. Reb Levi Yitzhak reads this as rafu yedeihem/ their hands loosened. That is, it was only when we loose our grip or our stand in our ongoing battle with Amalek/those who prey on the weakest in our societies that Amalek can win.