(Courtesy: Smolesky Publishers in Kyiv)

CARMELITE MONASTERY, 16th – 18th cent. Built on the Hnylopyat river on the site of a sixteenth century castle. In 1627 the monastery of the “Barefoot Carmelites” was founded. In 1648 the armies of B. Khmelnytsky captured this monastery-castle, which was closed in 1792. A historical museum has been located on the premises of the monastery since 1925. In 1941 it was burned to the ground and executions of civilians took place on its site. Restoration work on the monastery commenced in 1958.

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ST. VARVARA (ST. BARBARA) ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH) 1826. Major repairs were undertaken in 1857.
The French writer, Honoré de Balzac, married Evelina Hanska in this church.

MARIYINSKY (BLESSED VIRGIN MARY) ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, 1634, 1739-54. Built in the Baroque style. The interior paintings were executed by the Italian artist, V. Frederice. During World War II the church burned down and was later restored.