Performer: Abe Ellstein’s Orchestra

Composer: H. Ellstein

Title: Bardichiver Nigun

Translation: Bardichev Melody

Published: New York, NY : Victor, 1940-02-15.

Publisher No: V-9063-B; BS 047207-1

Description: 1 sound disc : mono; 78 RPM – 10″

Language: Yiddish.

Instruments: Abe Ellstein’s Orchestra and Dave Tarras-clarinet trumpet piano sbs traps

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Subjects: klezmer

Discography Source: Ethnic Music Records – A Discography of Ethnic
Recordings Produced in the United States,
1893 to 1942 by Richard K. Spottswood, 1990

Location: Judaica Sound Archives – Florida Atlantic University Libraries

Judaica Sound Archives Call Number: 505039-B