The Holocaust Memorials
(Courtesy: The Museum of Family History)

Babi Yar means ‘Women’s Ravine’. Baba (common parlance, low colloquial) means a peasant woman, a simple woman, also a wife (peasant language, also vulgar). There were there seven ravines.Another view“And I shall put my spirit in you and you shall live.”
–Ezechiel 37/14
There are three plaques here, one each written in Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew (in Russian)The plaque doesn’t mention anything about the massacre of Jews (in Ukrainian)“Here in 1941-1943
the German Fascist invaders shot more than one hundred thousand Kiev citizens and military captives.”
This monument stands in a park near a stadium, on an elevated area surrounded by grass-covered ravines.Another view
Another view“Corner stone of the Jewish heritage community center.
A symbol of rebirth was erected on the sixtieth anniversary
of  the slaughter of Babi  Yar. 13 Tishrei 2002″
Inscription written only in Ukrainian:
“To the children shot in Baby Yar 1941.”
Another view
The Jews of Kiev were rounded up by the Nazi army and were herded into the cemetery, believing that they would soon be boarding trains. However, they were gathered in groups of ten, marched to a different location, ordered to undress (beaten if they didn’t) and shot at the edge of the
Babi Yar gorge.
Plaque, damaged by vandals:
“…mourns the loss of the tens of thousands who were murdered at Babi Yar…of Israel be comforted among the … mourners of Zion & Jerusalem.”
Located at the base of the menorah memorial, dated 22.01.2001 with the name of Moshe Katzav inscribed upon it.Another view