General informations about geographical location, activities, transport, trade, etc.:

The territory is 3533 hectares.

Berdichev is a city of Oblast’s rule, the centre of Berdichev District, located in south of the Oblast in 180 km south-west of Kyiv and 40 km south of Zhitomyr on the shore of Gnylopyat river, the tributary of the Teteriv.
Berdichev has been known from 1320 when this locality was presented to prince Tyshkevich by the Great Prince Gedimin. The year of Berdichev foundation is considered to be 1546. At the beginning of XVII century the Prince Tyshkevich built a castle in Berdichev and in some while rebuild it into a monastery. Further development of Berdichev was connected with the monastery prosperity which had the miraculous icon. After 1675 when with permission of king Stanislav-August a tradition of annual fairs was established the town kept getting populated and in some while transformed into big and trade center. In 1845 according to tsar’s decree Berdichev got status of town. At the same time it became the center of Berdichev Povit (administrative unit).
Since 1937 Berdichev as a center of the District became a part of Zhitomyr Oblast.


There are 31 industrial enterprises in the city: 2of them are of the state property and 2 of the collective one.
Structure of branches of industry is represented by 7 enterprises of machine-building and metal-processing industry, 8 – light industry, 8 – food industry, 4 – wood-processing industry, 2 – grain-processing and combined forage industry, and 1 enterprise of paleographic industry.
They produce chemical equipment and spare parts for it, metal-cutting lathes and bore engines for petroleum industry, hard and chromium leather products, shoes, trailers for truck and cars, furniture, clothes, and so on.
The leading enterprises are the following: Progress, PLC (machine-building for petroleum industry); Bevers, PLC (machine-tool construction); Tsucrorafinadny zavod (Sugar refinement factory), PLC (food industry); Fabrica odezhdy (Clothes factory), PLC (light industry).


There are 5 construction companies in the city with their annual turnover of construction and mounting work of about 2 million hryvnias. Despite of difficulties 13 multi-storeyed buildings, roofed market, water-purifying station are under construction.

Transport Infrastructure:

Berdichev city is an important railway center where the following main lines are interlaced:
Moscow – Kovel;
Moscow – Uzhgorod;
St. Petersburg – Odesa;
Kyiv – Lviv – Odesa – Kovel;
Simferopil – Warsaw;
Kharkiv – Warsaw;
Dnipropetrovsk – Warsaw.
The following motorways are crossed in Berdychiv:
Minsk – Zhitomyr – Ismail;
Bila Tserkva – Kremenets.
There are also motorways on Lubar, Khmilnyk, Zhitomyr.
The total length of motorways in the city’s territory is 155 km.

Foreign Trade Relations:

Products and services of the industrial enterprises are exported in countries of CIS, Germany, Poland, USA, Hungary, Finland.