The ‘Chabad Lubavitch’ Yeshiva in Berdiche

Chief Rabbi of the
“Chabad Lubavitch” Yeshiva
Moshe Taller
in Berdichev

PURIM 5764

Chief Rabbi of Berdichev Moshe Taller and his wife Chana put together a colorful Purim program this year in Berdichev. Celebrations got underway on Friday evening, when pupils of the Ohr Avner Chabad Day School attended a Purim party, small Purimspiel and puppet show.
On the eve of Purim, Rabbi Taller read ‘Megilat Esther’ in the city’s synagogue. Following this, more than 300 people came out for Purim celebrations organized by the Berdichev Jewish community, together with ‘Chesed’ and other local Jewish organizations.
Local yeshiva students, led by Yeshiva Director Rabbi Akiva Nimoi, joined Jewish schoolchildren in handing out more than 100 ‘mishloach manot’ to the community’s needy and elderly. The kosher gift packages included smoked meat, fish, fruits and sweets.
Upon having fulfilled the main commandment of Purim – charity – yeshiva students and community members enjoyed a Purim feast.

More than 300 Jews took
part in Purim celebrations
held jointy by all Jewish organizations in Berdichev. Elderly and poor received Mishloach Manot with smoked meat, fish, fruit and sweets.


The Jewish community of Berdichev held a number of Brit Mila ceremonies on Monday. Students of the Kolel for elderly persons ‘Tiferet Levy Yitzhak’ underwent the circumcision under the guidance of Rabbi Moshe Taller and a Mohel from the ‘Brit Yosef Yitzchak’ organization, Rabbi Yakov Geisinovich.


The ‘Chabad Lubavitch’ Yeshiva in Berdichev is currently inviting Jewish school graduates and pupils, aged 16 to 23, to take part in the seminar “Chassidic Passover”. The program of the seminar, to be held April 3th-14th will offer captivating lectures on the Torah, Chassidic philosophy, Jewish law, as well as much entertainment.
Participants in this event will receive full board and lodging for the course of the seminar. This event was made possible through the hard work and initiative of the Chief Rabbi of Berdichev, Moshe Taller, and the local Jewish community.