Ukraine -Zhitomir area,
13300 Berdichev,
1a Industrializatsii st.,
tel.: +38 (04143) 4 00 48
fax: +38 (04143) 9 98 30
E-mail: info@berdmeb.com
Web site: www.berdmeb.com
General directo:r
Ermakov Petr Alexandrovich
tel.: +38 (04143) 40048
Sales department:
Alexander Petrovich Demidiuk
tel./fax: +38 (04143) 99832
tel.: +38 (04143) 99824

History of the Factory

In 1927 Berdichev industrially-cooperative artel “Trud” was established. It produced Kitchen buffets for utensils employing about 50 persons.
In 1960 artel “Trud” was transformed into the state enterprise and began being refered to as a furniture factory. In 1969 number of factory workers grew up to 138 persons. Almost all production was made with upholstered furniture (98,3 %).
Creation of the industrial-woodworking association “Zhitomirderev” on the basis of Zhitomir furniture inductrial complex in 1974 became an important event in the history of the enterprise It allowed the enterprise to grow up to more high level the specialization and concentration of furniture manufacture within the Zhitomir area borders. Items specialization liquidated duplication of manufacturing of same production in branches of association and has essentially reduced assortment of production, which were made in departments. Thus, the Berdichev furniture factory manufactured only sleeping sets “Vera”.
In the beginning of 1980 the enterprise collective has received an extremely important task – to make furniture for hotels and medical institutions of the capital of Ukraine, intended for use for the participants of the XXII Moscow Olympiad.
In the same year the factory employees have mastered manufacturing of a new set of bedrooms ” Albina” , which soon, for the first time in the enterprise history, received a state ” Quality symbol” .
Berdichev furniture factory workers where the first in Ukraine to start manufacturing sets of bedrooms, decorated with polyester enamels of light tones with decorative elements of bronze color.
During 1981 7300 bedrooms sets “Albina” has been produced by the collective of the factory. This set received good reputation from consumers not only in Ukraine, but also in other 6 republics of the USSR.
At the end of the same year for the first time production of factory was sent abroad to Afghanistan. Several times Berdichev’s furniture was exported to Vietnam, Mongolia, Cuba, Austria and other countries.
In 1983 sleeping set “Albina” was exhibited at the exhibition organized in Moscow “New samples of furniture of mass production for typical apartments (“Furniture – 83″)”, where the achievements and the best practices on creation of new samples of convenient and beautiful furniture were presented.
IIn August, 1985 for the first time in the enterprise history its collective received an opportunity to represent its productsat the international exhibition “InterMassMash-85”, which was organized in Moscow.
In 1993 our workers had mastered manufacturing of complete sets of furniture for a hall and office, and in a year – two-sided mattresses for the bedroom set “Albina”. Serial production of a set of a highly artistic furniture for bedroom “Alena”, soft furniture for kitchen and living rooms were soon mastered.
A rapid re-structuring of the enterprise started from 1998. Some departments were separated in LTD.
September, 23, 1993 the enterprise has changed the type of ownership and became a joint-stock company “Berdichevmebel”. JSC “Berdichevmebel” is a known manufacturer of furniture from natural wood and equipped by the modern Italian equipment for manufacturing highly artistic furniture.

JSC “Berdychivmebel” is equipped with a modern high quality Italian and German machinery which makes possible to produce top grade furniture and joinery.

JSC ”Berdychivmebel” produces:
– office furniture;
– furniture sets for the bedrooms and kitchens;
– upholsted furniture;
– desks, beds, cases, curbstones and bedside-tables;
– wooden euro-windows and euro-doors;
– wooden houses;
– joiner’s products.

Using woodworking equipment of the following companies:

Italian machinery:
– Comil Oildynamic doors and frames clamps
– Italpresse Pneumatic corpus presses
– Andreoni Pantograph carving machines
– Pade Moulder machines
– Centauro Band saws, Copying lathes
– Fravol Edge-banding machines
– SCM Spindle moulders, Circular saws, Calibrating sanding machines

German machinery:
Leitz Instruments and hobs for SCM machinery
Homag OSB panels format processing line


The line of production includes bedroom suite, kitchens, tables, chaise-longue, parquet, garden furniture, office,hangers, etc.