General Director: Mr. Mikhail P. Yuryev

Address: 79 Karl Libkneht Street, Berdichev 261400, Ukraine

Tel. No.: +380 4143 22125

Fax No.: +380 4143 25054

E-mail address: progress@ceebd.co.uk

Year of foundation: 1870

Type of businessProduction of filtering, drying, oil-drilling, equipment, vessels of various types, non-standard equipment made of carbon corrosion-resistant steel and Titanium for application in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, oil-drilling, mining, coal, metallurgical, microbiological, construction, machine-building, power stations and food processing branches of industry as well as for purification of industrial and domestic sewage.

Ownership: Joint Stock Company

No. of employees: 2700

Main markets: North and South America, Asia, Europe

Bankers: State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine

Equipment for coal, mining, mrtallurgical and other branches of industry, for machine-building and power stations:

1. Automatic tower chamber filterpresses of KMP type Designed for filtering slurries containing from 5 to 500 kg/m3 of suspended particles and forming cakes with high hydraulic resistance. Filterpresses are produced with filtering area from 12.5 to 38 sq. m. and equipped with automatic control system, hydraulic plates clamping device and filtering cloth tightening device. Easy control and maintenance, reliable operation.

2. Plate-and-frame filterpresses ROR, ROM, RZR, RZM Designed for filtering neutral, alcaline, acidic slurries with content of solid phase up to 500 kg/m3. Cotton, polypropylene, polyether and polyamide fabrics are used as filtering elements. Filterpresses are characterized by a developed filtering area from 2 to 140 sq. m., high degree of dewatering, simple reliable design and long service life.

3. Automatic high capacity chamber filterpresses FKV Filterpresses with filtering area of 200-600 sq. m. are designed for dewatering of the remnants of coal flotation and waste-waters sludges. Introduction of filterpresses of FKM type will allow to eliminate sludge accumulators contaminating the environment and to mechanize service-personnel work as well as to reduce occupied production area by 2-3 times and specific material consumption – by 1.5-2 times compared to the conventional types of equipment.

4. Disc vacuum filters of DOO type Designed for separation of slurries with content of solid phase up to 5000 kg/m3 which form the cakes requiring no washing and not cracking. Introduction of one disc filter DOO 160 or DOO 250 allows to reduce considerably filtering equipment park and production area occupied by it. These filters are characterized by high capacity, low moisture content of the obtained cake and simple maintenance.

5. Belt vacuum filters LON, LOP, Belt filterpresses LMN Designed for filtering aggressive and non-aggressive, quickly settling slurries with non-homogenous solid phase (filters LON, LOP), for the dewatering of waste-waters cakes that were primarily treated with flocculants (filterpresses LMN). Can be used in coal enrichment process. Filtration is effected via filtering cloth on the outer surface of rubber-fabric belt (LON), via descending filtering cloth (LOP), via overlapping meshes in between of which slurry is fed.

6. Leaf vertical filters MVR, MVV, MVJ Designed for filtering fine-dispersed, easily evaporating, highly viscous, oxidizing toxic slurries. Filtration is effected via filtering cloth or filtering mesh with precoat. Leaf vertical filters are characterized by stable capacity, high efficiency and filtering purity.

7. Candle ceramic filters PKJ, PKO Are used for thickening and decolouring pressure filtration of weakly concentrated slurries. Filtering area from 1 to 80 sq. m. Ceramic candles fastened to the manifolds forming sections are used as filtering elements. High capacity, developed filtering area, low maintenance cost – those are the characteristic features of these filters.

8. Apparatuses with mixing devices Envisages such processes as homogenization, suspending, emulsification, dispersion, heat exchanging. Comprise the casting, cover, jacket and mixing device. Operating medium range is unlimited. Manufactured of carbon, corrosion-resistant steel and Titanium. Inner diameter range 800 to 3600mm.

9. Dryers and furnaces with rotating drums. Drum coolers Designed for heat treatment of unexplosive, untoxic granular materials. These are continuous operation apparatuses. Manufactured in direct current and counter-current versions. Dryers diameter – from 1 to 2.8 m.: diameter of furnaces – from 1 to 2.2 m.

10. Continuous operation drum coolers Designed for cooling of unexplosive and untoxic materials supplied from the dryers, furnace and other heating devices.

11. Drum type galvanic coagulators Designed for purification of waste waters and recycling waters from ions of metals, organic substances and other admixtures. Operating volume – from 0.45 to 6.5 m3. Equipment for food and processing industries.

12. Automatic tower chamber filterpress of RKO-25 typeAutomatic cloth recovery. Contactless limit switches 24 V. Protection degree of control board-dust-and splash-proof. Designed for filtering thickened slurry of saturation juices in sugar production. Filtering area-25 m2.Capacity in terns of weight of processed sugar beet -1000t/24 h. Provides dry cake with the content of sugar 0,03-0,06 % to beet weight. Sugar concentration-up to 8-10 %. Introduction of this filterpress allows to considerably reduce filtering ponds area.

13. Leaf filter-thickener MVJ-60Regeneration of filtering elements by filtrate counter-current. Air-tightness of filtrate discharge chamber. Visual inspection of filtrate quality.Designed for thickening 1st. and 2nd. saturation juices, filtration of remelted sugar in sugar-beet production. Filtering area-60 m2. Capacity in terms of weight of processed beet – 100 t/24h.

14. Plate-and-frame filterpresses FKODesigned for decolouring filtration of winee, including Champaign wines, natural juices, surups of soft drinks and other types of drinks after they had been preliminarily processed and separated from sediment. Filtering area from 6 to 20 sq. m. Capacity – from 3000 to 9000 1/h. Manufactured with manual and hydraulic clamping device.

15. Installation for beer filtrationIs up-to-date with the newest achievements in beer production, provides optimal capacity, guarantees top quality beer. Designed for filtering ready-made beer through the precoat of kieselguhr on the supporting paper board. This design envisages visual inspection of filtration process and decolouring degree of product, sterilization of units and reliable operation in automatic duty. Capacity – 800 decilitre/h. Filtering area – 30 sq. m.

16. Installation for filtering water-alcohol solutionsComplex of modern equipment in production of various grades of vodka. Developed and designed with consideration of the newest achievements in vodka-production. Comprises: carbon column, absorbent loading device, sand filter for primary purification, final purification sand filter and carbon collector.