Manuscript Division
Vernadsky Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address: Vladimirskaya ulitsa, 62, Kiev, Ukraine

Berdichev, Kiev Gubernia

or. 21, n. 11. Pinqas de-Hasidei Braslav, Borislav [Bratslav] Hasidim society, early 19th c. Copy, early 20th c. 56p. White lined paper. Ashkenazic italics. No title page, no end page. Three notebooks. Lined paper. Notebook cover. 215x172mm.

or. 17, [ no new number]. Pinqas me-Hevrah `Ahavot [ `Ahavat] Re’im ha-Hadashah asher nityasadah `aharei ha-grieblia me-hayatim, Society of tailors “Love of Friends” which was founded on the other side of the grieblia (dike). 1879. 18 pages. White paper. Several pages torn out. Square print and ashkenazic cursive. Introduction in Hebrew, society regulations in Yiddish. Illustrations throughout (india ink, colored pencil). Leather binding with gilded stamping. No back. 337x210mm.

or. 21, n. 12. Pinqas ha-Hevrah Sha”s ve-Mishnayot ve-Talmud Bavli ha-shaiakh le-Veit ha-Midrash ha-Gadol, Society for study of the Mishna and Babylonian Talmud that belongs to the Big Sinagogue. 89f., 42 blank. White paper with watermarks “KL”, and a plate and cake (?). The statute is written in square type. Several notes in ashkenazic italics (black ink). Title page has a “theatrical” ornament: wings, curtains etc. Colored vignettes throughout. Gilded edge. Bound in red leather with gilded stamping. Note on upper corner of binding “Pinqas belongs to the great synagogue of Berdichev. ” 333x210mm.

or. 20, n. 13. Pinqas mi-ha-Hevrah Shomrei Halakhot, Society for the observance of commandments. 1851. Fragment. 7f., 1 blank. White lined paper. Title page with illuminated characters, square type. In the manuscript stamped “From the library of Avraham Aronovich Kelman. ” No binding. 357x218mm.
or. 30, n. 14. Pinqas me-ha-Hevrah Magidei Tehilim, Society for the recitation of Psalms. 1857 — 1917. 33f., 3 blank and loose. White paper. Square type. India ink. Title page colored (red, green, and black ink). Bound in cardboard with gilded stamping. 313x203mm.

or. 15, n. 15. Pinqas Hevrat Mishnayot, Society for the study of Mishnah. 1862 — 1887. 26f., 3 blank. White lined paper. Graphic vignette in gold and black on f. 6. Title page contains vignette in gouache, indian ink, coloured pencils. Square type. Paper cover. 343x215mm.

or. 19, n. 16. Pinqas min ha-Hevrah Gemilut Hasadim, Loan society. 1864. 123f., 109 blank. White paper. Square type. Black ink. Pinqas is written by Itshak of Chernigov. Bound in cardboard with leather. 345x220mm.
or. 29, n. 17. Pinqas min ha-Hevrah `Ahavat Re’im, Bricklayers’ society [lit. “love of friends], 1865 — 1885. 60f., 2 blank and 8 loose. White paper. Square type, India ink. Headings of sections in statutes in red ink. Supplement 2f. from another unidentified pinqas. Ornament on f18 depicting crossed hands, crown and crown of laurels. Leather bound with gilding. 312x205mm.

or. 16, n. 18. Pinqas min ha-Hevrah `Ahavot Re’im, “love of friends”. Craftsmen’s society. 1871. 26f., 3 blank. White paper. Square type. India ink, titles in violet. Vignettes on title page; “`pointed stars” and miscellany. Leather bound with gilding. Stamping on the cover: “Pinqas min ha-Hevrah ha-yakarah Horshei Ezim. ” 345x226mm.

or. 31, n. 19. Pinqas min ha-Hevrah Sha”s ve-Mishnayot, Mishnah and Talmud Study Society, 1874 — 1908. 74f., white paper. Colored ornamentation on title page. Statutes written in rabbinic italics, headings in square type. Notation at end of pinqas in ashkenazic italics. Colored vignettes and prints throughout. Leather bound. Supplements: a) 16 pages of names in whose memory Psalms were recited, b) list of books purchased and sums paid. 200x259mm.

or. 18, n. 20. Pinqas Hevrat `Ahavat Re’im, “love of friends, “ society of the synagogue of carpenters. 1896, Berdichev. 36f., 15 blank, one torn. White pages. Square type. Indian ink. Title page in coloured indian ink. Leather bound with gilding. 257x346mm.

[ no old number ], n. 21. Pinqas min ha-He[vra] ha-yakara Gemilut Hasadim. 1859. 13 f. f. 13 (list of names) torn out. Title page colored, damaged. Square script. Indian ink. Leather bound with gilding. 345x225mm.