“Building meaningful bonds between Ukraine and the USA”

What began as a casual conversation between a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and a Chabad Rabbi – both of whom were living and working in Berdychiv, Ukraine – ended up as an organization that is now called the Star Foundation. 

Local partners and sponsors of the Star Foundation gather for the openig of the Star Center

From left to right: Mayor of Berdychiv, Vasyl Mazur, Rabbi Akiva Nemoy, Peace Corps volunteer Chris Wilz and Peace Corps staff member Anne Silver.

This Peace Corps volunteer (Chris Wilz) and Rabbi (Moshe Thaller) saw a community they lived in with so much potential, intelligence and room for growth, but few positive outlets for that energy…especially for the youth and young adults…they knew something had to be done.  The idea they had for a community educational center, and the outreach programs that such a center could sponsor, quickly evolved into reality, with a combination of hard work, the sponsorship of the U.S. Peace Corps and enthusiastic community support.

Now, the Star Foundation’s mission is to provide practical education, community building and support to the residents of Berdychiv, Ukraine and the surrounding area through its subsidiary organizations and programs.  The American Friends of Star is a forum for those of us abroad who wish to be involved with and to support the Star Foundation of Ukraine.  You will find information about the Star Foundation and its various subsidiaries and programs on our Services page, as well as information regarding how you can support the Star Foundation in a way that is most comfortable for you!