(Courtesy: Panyenko)

During the Russian Empire the city used the arms above.In 1867 B.Kene proposed new arms for the town. In the first quarter there was the arms of Kyivska province.

(Courtesy: Dov Guterman)


The FlagPerhaps, it isn’t a flag, but the Coat of Arms at the wall. I made, 6 years ago, projects of the Coat of Arms and flag for Berdichev, but on December 22, 1998 the city council adopted only the Coat of Arms and with a small change (in my project – 2 axes and 4 stars; but one axe was changed by caduceus).
Meaning: the axe (this type in Ukrainian as “berdysh”) – as canting arms; the caduceus – symbol of old fairs; 4 stars – 4 main national groups (Ukrainians, Russians, Jews and Poles). Berdichev has about 92,000 inhabitans.
Andriy Grechylo, 17 July 2004
Coat of Arms

The modern emblem was confirmed by decision N 62 from 22.12.1998 of city council session. In an vert field are crossed or Mercury’s staff and axe. Around them are four or stars of eight rays. A Mercury staff is symbolithing the past of Berdichev as one of basic trade centres. The axe points on history of Berdichev foundation as city on way of hostile inroads, and also brings one of versions of origin of city appellation. The or stars are by constancy symbol, in to concrete lunge they can map significance of city for ukrainian, polish, russian and jewish cultures.”
Dov Gutterman, 17 July 2004