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"The Berdichever Rabbi"

Bicentenary of the death of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak
Berdichev Hosts Record Turnout of Jewish Pilgrims


• Short Biography
• More biographical references
• Rabbi's Genealogical Tree
The Baal Shem Tov
• Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov
• Happy Birthday BaalShem Tov
• The truth about the Baal Shem Tov
• Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Halevi of Nikolsburg
• Rabbi Dov Ber-The Maggid of Mezritch
The Passing of the Maggid
• Rabbi Lieber Hagadol
• Commentaries about the Rabbi-a
• Early Chassidic Leader
• Printed Works of the Chassidic Movement
• Books
• Book (Kedushat Levi)
In Search of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak
• The Rav of Berdichev (Love Poem)
• Righteous People
• Book(in Hebrew)
• Rare Book (Kedushat Levi)
• The Ever Present Presence
• Music Sheets of the Rabbi 
• The Hassidic Approach to Joy
• Yiddish Anthology 
• The World of a Hassidic Master
• Some Torah Insights from the “Kedushat Levi”

• Rabbi Answer
• Rabbi Abraham David
• The Existence of God
• Slipping from the Rungs of the Ladder in the Desert

• Sinai: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Non-Jewish New Year
A Noble Purpose
Only you
The Eternal Light Series
• The Benefit of the Doubt
The Highest Form of Worship
Vayera: The evolution of Leadership
Stories of R' Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev
  (Audio   Shiur)
Spiritual and Ethical Issues in the Badmidbar  Stories
• Passover Haggadah

Parashat Naso
On This Day, G-d Will Forgive
Stories of The Dubno Maggid
Kedushat Levi - New Translation
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak's Biography-1
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak's Biography-2
An Advocate for the Jews of Berdichev
Sefer Avodas Levi - Page 98
Ohev V'ahuv
Chanukah and R. Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev
When You Are Unable to Blow the Shofar
Rebbe Levi Yitzhak's "Gott fun Avraham"
Some Thoughts on Pessach Cleaning
Chassidic Siddur Printed in Berdichev
• Shofar, Angels and Passover
Keter Torah - Rabbi Meir of Berdichev
Gott Fun Avraham
Passover Has Three Names
The Soul and Body of a Tzadik
Parsha Voyera
The Tisch: Counsel for the Defense
Teshuva Before the High Holidays
Caught in the Act
Parashat Bamidbar
A Theft in Heaven
• Divine Light and Human Hands
Easy Does It
Parashat T'rumah
The Shofar at. Mt. Sinai
The Man Who the Angels Were Envious of
A Murder in New York
Preserving Joy
Levush Malkhut
The Nes of Purim

• Teyku
Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev (by Louis Jacobs)
• What is the name of the Shabbat before Tisha    B'Av?
• God on trial
• Kol Nidrei-5766
• Remembering Berdichev - Yom Kipur 5758
• The History of the Kaddish
• The Rabbinic Response to September11, 2001
• Our Great Influence
• Parashat Va-yeishev
• Parashat Aharey Mot
• Anticipating the Redemption
• Rabbi Ciner's weekly Parshas Va-yeshev
• Ki Tavo (Spiritual Passion)
• Chassidism -1 "Chassidism and its opponents"    (Part 1- to 1939)
• Chassidism -2 "Chassidism and its opponents"
   (Part 1- Post-war)
• Interesting Quotes from Kabbalah Sources
• Rabbi Chaim Dovid Green's Parsha "Emor"
• Mystical Creation (in "pdf", requires the ADOBE    ACROBAT READER, if you want to install the programme    go to www.adobe.com)
• Nothing & Being
(in "pdf", requires the ADOBE     ACROBAT READER, if you want to install the programme    go to www.adobe.com)
• A View of the Absurd (Why was this night of    massacre different?) (in "pdf", requires the ADOBE    ACROBAT READER, if you want to install the programme    go to www.adobe.com)

Divine Limitation & Human Responsibility
Choice and Change
The Judges of Your Generation
Grace and Effort on the Spiritual Path
The Delayed Delivery
Good Eyes
Bakasha LeMotze Shabbat
Kedushat Levi (Details)
Treasuring the Mitzvah
• Moshe Zvi of Savran
Why Do Jews Keep Kosher
Nachman of Breslov
New Edition of the Kedushat Levi
• There Is a Time and Place for Everything
The Good Eye
It Once Happened in Berdichev
When You Serve God
Why Are We So Childish When It Comes Yom Kipur?
Neilah - Yom Kippur 5770
Sefer Toldos Hayehidim
My "Berdichever Moments"
A Sign for You
The Shofar at Mt. Sinai
The Berdichever Rabbi
A Wordless Prayer at the Kotel
A Jewish Ukrainian Journey
In the Merit of Levi Yitzhak
Parshat Chukat
Dipping at the Barditchever Now Easier
Sefer Ba'al Ha-Nefesh
Sefer Ha-Zechirot
Where I Wander-You!
The Talmud and Rosh Hashana
G-d in the Present Tense
There Is a God in the World
The God I Don't Believe in 1st Day Rosh Hashana 5771
Medals Reminding the Rabbi
Chassidic Siddur
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berditchev’s Simple Pessah Lesson
Making Room for Prayer in Our Synagogue
Can Human Hold God Accountable for Tragedy
Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev: His Spiritual Heritage
Uri Adler - Atah
Segulah (Rabbi Levi Yitzhak)
The Shofar at Mount Sinai
Rav Lieber Hagadol Z''L
Rabbi Levi Yitzhak's Gravesite
Jewish Ethnography and Folklore
A merciful God
Siddur Tefillah Yesharah